Costa Rica Surf Camp & Yoga Retreats

Nosara, Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the warm tropical waters for a week of surfing under the guidance of Richard and his staff. Experience one of the world’s Blue Zone areas where residents are known to live longer and healthier.

Since 2001 Richard heads south in February to run weeklong surf & yoga retreats in Costa Rica. During this time it is warm and sunny with offshore winds and waves everyday to surf.

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Winter 2018 Schedule*

(Minors must be
accompanied by
a parent.)
Week 1: FEB 03-10
Week 2: FEB 10-17
Week 3: FEB 17-24

Camps run from Saturday afternoon to the following Saturday morning.
Capacity is 10 campers per week.

* Dates subject to change without notice.

Rolf Gates and Richard Schmidt

Costa Rica Yoga & Surf Retreat with Rolf Gates & Richard Schmidt

December 2-9, 2017 – Nosara, Costa Rica

Surfing and yoga go hand-in-hand. And we can’t think of a better place for a surf and yoga retreat. Each December we team up with world renowned yoga instructor Rolf Gates and offer a week long yoga and surf retreat in Costa Rica.

Our normal Costa Rica Surf Camps (above) that we run are 80% surfing and 20% yoga. The Yoga & Surf Retreat with Rolf Gates & Richard Schmidt is 50% yoga and 50% surfing. It’s a great way to immerse yourself fully in two incredible activities that are truly complimentary.

For more info or register for this event at Rolf Gate’s website.

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Hired Surf Trip Coach

Custom Surf Trips with a Hired Coach!

Hire Richard or one of his top-notch instructors to be your personal coach wherever you wish to take a surf trip. If unsure where might be good for your skill level, we would work with you for the perfect destination. Your perfect surfari is waiting! E-mail or call us to set up details.
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