Surf & SUP Lessons Registration

This registration page is for up to eight (8) students at a time. If you need to register additional students to your group, please refresh/reload the Surf & SUP Registration page AFTER clicking the “Submit Registration” button and receiving your confirmation. Then fill out the information forms for each additional student. Thank you!!

Surf & SUP Lessons Registration Form
You can split your hours over multiple days/sessions. However, each day/session must be one hour minimum in the water.
Your actual lesson time is contingent on surf conditions (tide, swell, wind, etc.) for that day, as well as class availability and openings. We will coordinate your lesson start time with you beforehand.
(First and last name)
(feet/inches, pounds) Ex: 5'4", 112 lbs — or enter NONE if you're bringing your own wetsuit.
(US Sizes) Ex: 6.5Y — or enter NONE if you're bringing your own booties, or if you prefer to not wear any.
We like to know where our students come from!

(First and last name)