Surf & stand up paddleboard (SUP) lessons, classes and tours

The Surf School (which includes standup paddle board / SUP) operates year round in Santa Cruz at some of the best surf spots along the entire West Coast. The coastline is part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which is an area of conservation and beauty, stretching from Santa Cruz, south to Big Sur.

Both of our surf lessons and SUP classes & tours are great activities for birthday parties, corporate team building events, church and school groups, and wedding or bachelor/ette parties.

Surf Lessons

Catch the exhilarating sensation of gliding on an ocean wave in a renowned World Surfing Reserve! Since 1978, Richard and his Surf School have been sharing the stoke of surfing in the world-famous waves of Santa Cruz, CA. His instructors have been trained with extensive knowledge and techniques that guarantee success. Santa Cruz is home to some of the best beginner waves in the world and when combined with Richard’s staff you will experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Surfing offers the thrill and excitement of harnessing and riding natures energy. In between riding waves however that adrenaline slows down and you experience tranquility sitting and being immersed in natures splendor. Santa Cruz is home to the National Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary where you are intertwined with a thriving and dynamic ecosystem. Surfing is like a form of meditation, as you need to be in the moment and completely aware of the moving and changing ocean. When you arrive back to the beach there is an afterglow of the space you were in where you forgot about any anxieties or worries due to having to be in a present state of mind.

Most of our students are first-timers and beginners. Our lessons cover the basics of everything you’ll need to get started in the “sport of kings!”

  • Ocean awareness and safety
  • Recognizing potential hazards both in nature and others around you
  • Proper paddling and push through techniques
  • Correct stance and body mechanics
  • How to maneuver your surfboard

However, our Surf School is also perfect for those with more experience looking to fine-tune their skills — so you don’t develop bad habits — to those looking for extra coaching on the competition-level. Even though our team of instructors are diverse in their surfing backgrounds, all are world-class surfers who could help you get to the “next-level” in your surfing development. Learn with the best!

SUP Lessons & Marine Tours

Come try the fastest growing water sport in the world! Richard and his experienced instructors are now offering stand up paddleboarding (SUP) lessons and adventure tours into the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. Experience the thrill of gliding on top of the ocean which offers a unique perspective for viewing marine life and a world renowned scenic coastline. As Richard grew up in Santa Cruz his extensive knowledge of the coastline will guarantee you will have the best tour of the area possible.

Learn everything you need to know to get started in this exciting sport. SUP offers a great total body workout and is a great activity in the ocean, as well as lakes and rivers. In our classes you’ll learn the proper stance for balance and control, essential paddle strokes and turning techniques, as well as how to choose the right board and paddle. No experience is necessary. Come with us to learn this hybrid of surfing and paddling and find out how to walk on water!

  • Become familiar with stand up paddleboards and equipment to safely and comfortably pursue SUP
  • Learn effective paddling skills, balance, positioning, movement and falling/recovery techniques
  • Introduce the rewarding aspects of SUP by highlighting the benefits, some places to paddle and the various activities that take you onto the water, with an emphasis on respect for the marine/aquatic environment.