Santa Cruz Surf Camp FAQs

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to drop us a line, and we’ll get them answered!

How many people are in a camp?

A full camp would consist of 18 people. Campers will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

What age are the campers?
There are all Adult Weeks for those 18 years and older. Average age varies with 30-50 years old common.

For Kids Weeks, campers need to be at least ten (10) years old. Average age is between 12-14 years old. Adults may attend with their children, including their nieces or nephews. Campers are arranged in tents so that they are in with other kids their age.

How many people sleep in a tent?
We have requests for adults wanting their own tents, which we can accommodate.
Kids share tents with 2-4 total in each tent.

What do I need to bring?
Although we have extra pads, pillows and sleeping bags, campers are asked to bring their own. We also supply wetsuits and surfboards, but campers can bring their own. Santa Cruz in the summer time can get surprisingly cool from the marine layers, so bring a jacket, pants, couple of sweatshirts and sweatpants. Bring any personal items, medications, t-shirts, shorts, swim trunks/suits, socks, shoes, sandals/flip flops, toiletries, wash cloth, towels (beach & bath), sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, daypack, and flashlight/lantern.

Can I bring my own surfboard or wetsuit?
Sure. But please let us know ahead of time if you are so we know to make space in the vans/trucks for your board. However, it might just be easier to use ours if you’re traveling long distances.

If you have your own wetsuit, we strongly recommend bringing a full-length wetsuit as the ocean water temperatures typically vary from the mid- to upper-60’s (degrees) in the summers. The water can still be pretty cold even on the hottest summer days. Plus, there is also wind chill to consider while you’re out in the water. Also, be sure it’s a surfing-specific wetsuit — and not like a SCUBA, kayaking or triathlon wetsuit. Although those may keep you warm too, those types of wetsuits are designed for the body mechanics and specifics of their own sports. There is a difference. At Surf Camp, we supply the warmest wetsuits for the cold water here.

Do I have to know how to surf already?
No, the camp is actually a good program to get a good foundation of skills. We consider it a week-long intensive session. It’s a great way to learn. The majority of campers are more towards novice.

Are the kids supervised?
Yes, there are adults with the kids at all times at the beach and most of the time at the campground. They have a little time on their own if they want to go to the pool/hot tub, skateboard around the campground, or rent a bike. The KOA campground is very family-oriented with 24-hour security, and the kids are not allowed to go outside the campground. 10:00 pm is curfew and kids are to be ready for bed and checked in to their tent at this time.

I’m flying in from out of town, can I arrange for pick-up and drop-off at the airport?
We recommend using Ruben’s Airport Shuttle. Call (831) 325-5836 for round-trip transportation to-and-from the San Jose International Airport (SJC), the closest major airport to Santa Cruz. Campers are responsible for arranging their own transportation outside of camp.