What is “Surfology”?

Surfology — as I call it — is the study of harnessing the energy of waves and sliding down the rushing face of the wave. Simply put, it’s learning to master the art and science of waveriding and having fun in the “liquid playground” — much like the Polynesian kings who first rode ocean waves centuries ago. Although, now you don’t have to be of royalty to surf today like you did back then!

The Richard Schmidt Surf School has been the mainstay of surf schools in Santa Cruz to teach you — and thousands of others — how. We’ve been sharing the stoke since ’78! But while you’re thinking of grabbing a board and hitting the water, stop here on this page, and watch- read- and learn- before signing up for that first surf or SUP lesson.

Also, be sure to checkout my new blog that I’m starting called “Inside the Barrel: Richard’s Tips and Writings on Surfing”. It’ll be a hub for all my on-going surf-related advice and information.

– Aloha, Richard

Learn to Surf & Ocean Safety with Richard Schmidt

Learn from the convenience of your home or away from the beach with world-renowned big wave rider and one of surfing’s master teachers, Richard Schmidt. Richard’s Learn to Surf & Ocean Safety is an invaluable resource for any beginning or intermediate surfer looking for a comprehensive instructional video. Basic fundamentals combined with essential information on etiquette, safety and ocean awareness, make this video a must see for any aspiring surfer. Even though this video was originally created for surfers, paddleboarders will also find a wealth of knowledge that crosses over to SUP and ocean safety. We highly recommend watching the full video as a primer before taking a lesson.

Watch our Learn to Surf & Ocean Safety, vol. 1 trailer below.

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I can’t think of a surf instructor more experienced than Richard Schmidt. He has a solid track record in surf that counts and knows what it takes to get beginning surfers started. His “Learn to Surf & Ocean Safety” video is by far the most superior of its kind to ever hit the market.
— Skip Snead, Surfing Magazine

Experience is the best teacher, and Richard Schmidt has crammed over (50) years of ocean experience, safety tips and raw stoke into a concise, one hour “Learn To Surf & Ocean Safety” video.
— Ben Marcus, Surfer Magazine

Learn to Surf: How to Walk on Water in Seven Easy Steps

Surfing has given me many unforgettable years of fun, health and recreation. After teaching beginning surfers for decades, I’ve seen the long list of obstacles that they have to overcome in order to learn. To put it bluntly, surfing literally takes years to master. But with the help of this instruction, you should be able to avoid many of the common mistakes that students make. Along with watching my Learn to Surf & Ocean Safety video above, here is a guide I wrote called, Learn to Surf: How to Walk on Water in Seven Easy Steps. It’s a great read for beginning surfers.